Euro 2016 France: 

Guide to Bordeaux

Caption: The pride of Bordeaux, Les Quais

Bordeaux, the capital of the French Aquitaine Region, is all about history and tradition. They are world renowned for their history of wine. Around 2,000 years ago, the Romans planted the first vineyards in the area that is known today as the city of Bordeaux.  The city’s success in wine producing is due to the calcium-rich soils and the maritime climate making the port city a serious contender for the Wine Capital of the World. Wine tasting is a great opportunity for parents and adults looking for somewhere to relax and spend their free time while touring France.

The city also features classical and neoclassical architecture that has been virtually unchanged for over two centuries. Bordeaux has more buildings than any other French city apart from Paris. The liveliness of the town can be credited to its major trading links as a result of the city’s strategic position along the Garonne River.

Points of Interest

Old Town: This is a stretch of bleached stone buildings and cobbled streets with plenty of restaurants and terrace cafes. The result is appealing blend of timeless architecture and delicious gourmet foods.

Les Quais: Known by locals as the “pride of Bordeaux”, the paved public walk has been completely renovated and pedestrianized along the Banks of the Garonne River. Those who plan on biking and even walking around the city can expect to see beautifully designed trail with over 160 kilometers in cycle paths. From ancient buildings to the illuminated views of the city at night, exploring Bordeaux by bike is a tremendous opportunity that tourists will not want to miss out on while visiting the France.

The Triangle: A major shopping district home to the most fashionable boutiques in all of France. Located between Grand-Theatre and Place Tourny, the region is nearby Rue Sainte-Catherine, the longest pedestrianized street in Europe.

Inside Scoop from ProActive

"The city of Bordeaux are all about history and tradition. The people there really have a passion for the finer things in life whether it is their wine, the food, and even soccer. World Class players such as Zinedine Zidane have played for FC Girondins de Bordeaux, the local Ligue 1 soccer team of the region" Jeff Davis Co Founder & CEO

"Bordeaux is a wonderful base of operations. The city has stunning architecture all around featuring delightful vineyards. Beach resorts are easy to get to due to Bordeaux's proximity to the Atlantic." Michael Green Co Founder & CEO

"The city of Bordeaux is beautiful and very popular around France because of its sports and wine. Growing up in Paris, I have heard from several friends in France that once you live in Bordeaux, you never want to leave the city. Boris Diaw of the San Antonio Spurs, played at JSA Bordeaux just before winning an NBA title with the San Antonio" Kerline Verjuin Co Founder & CEO

Stade de Bordeaux Matches

Group stage 
11/06/16, 18.00: B3 v B4
14/06/16, 18.00: F3 v F4
18/06/16, 15.00: E1 v E3
21/06/16, 21.00: D4 v D1

02/07/16, 21.00: W41 v W43 


All kick-off times CET.