Turf War Continues: Will the WWC be Played on Grass? 

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Professional female soccer players are still fighting in court for their right to play on grass in the 2015 Women’s World Cup. As the case continues, the media remains quiet. With a strong case, solid evidence, and excellent lawyers, hopefully these players will get the respect they deserve. 

For those unfamiliar with the dispute, the seven Canadian venues that will host the Women’s World Cup in 2015 have artificial turf. Seeing this as an insult to professional female soccer players, many have come together in support of asking FIFA to require the turf to be changed to natural grass. These professional soccer players claim that the turf will hurt their game. Others say that professional male soccer players would not have to deal with this issue because FIFA would just change the fields to grass without a problem.

With the Women’s World Cup 2015 only some months away, this becomes a more pressing matter. Will the players refuse to play on artificial turf? Will FIFA modify the venues to have natural grass? The most important question on the minds of soccer fans is how this issue will affect the games. 

If you want to show your support for professional female soccer players and their right to play on natural grass, you can add your name to this petition. Let’s hope that a conclusion will be reached soon, so fans can focus on their trips and their love of the sport. 

~Melanie Friese; Assistant Travel Writer/Editor