Canadian Cities Hosting the Women’s World Cup 2015 

~photo credits to Dennis Jarvis

Canada, with their proud soccer fan base, will be hosting the FWWC in 2015. Primarily in the southern regions of the country, the host cities include:

West: Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg

East: Ottawa, Montreal, and Moncton

Besides Edmonton, all of these cities are fairly close to the U.S. border, so for Northern residents of the U.S. these soccer gold mines are just a half-day car ride and a pass through customs away. For others, plane tickets and excited anticipation will get you to any of these cities as well. 

No strangers to international sports, these Canadian cities are well prepared to host the 2015 games. While each city promises travelers unique local flair, there are a multitude of hotels, restaurants, and non-soccer activities to enjoy. Planning a summer soccer getaway to Canada can be quite a daunting task. Soccer brings you to Canada, but the right city life will certainly make or break the trip. How will you celebrate when your team wins? How will you and your friends console yourselves after, knock on wood, an inconceivable defeat? These are questions that only the streets of these cities can answer. Of course, ProActive Travel can take care of the details for you, but to give you a little insight, here’s an overview of each city wrapped up into one sentence…

Vancouver: Striking metropolitan buildings that tower over the true multicultural locals of this city allow an interesting combination of city life and natural adventure with close access to kayaking, biking, hiking, and other summertime activities.  

Edmonton: Intriguing to intellectuals and patrons of the arts, this city flourishes with an infusion of city entertainment and an intimate, small-town diner friendliness.

Winnipeg: Simultaneous integration of the past and the present describe this city with a vivacious nightlife and various outdoor festivals that complement their devotion to soccer (football) recreational activities. 

Ottawa: In addition to being a food utopia, this city offers an abundance of museums for families and allows access to white water rafting and cycling around the Ottawa River. 

Montreal: Deep in cultural history and linguistic lavishness, this modern city allows visitors to get a taste of Canadian, American, and European culture in one creative place. 

Moncton: Picturesquely snuggled between the Fundy and Acadian Coasts, this music loving city is one of the best places to live in and the premier event planner of Canada.

Secondary to your favorite soccer match yet a crucial part of your trip, you want the right Canadian city to mirror either your personal interests or your team’s interests. ProActive Soccer Tours can help you find and get you to that perfect, soccer loving city for the FWWC 2015.

~Melanie Friese; Assistant Travel Writer/Editor